2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
leslie has read 0 books toward her goal of 50 books.

drop offs done. money is money, whether from a 9-5 or potential 25+. fordham has changed so fucking much. it’s cold out. i’m never here when it’s cold.

  • 718: you have massive stones to move on a school trip.
  • 438: by any means necessary, right?
  • I feel for these white people mad excited to go to Times Square for the FIRST time. I also feel bad that they brought those big ass suitcases I only bring to Barbados when I’m going to 2+ weeks.


    Don’t ask me questions you’re genuinely not ready for the answers to.

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marquez in paris 1990. eternal magical peace ya gabriel, worth your name.

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    new york number back up and running. mama stressing like “why my child have a burn out celly?” i’m like “how do you even know what that means!?”

    I just found out Gabriel Garcia Marquez died this afternoon and I’ve been beside myself for the past three hours. My knees literally gave out underneath me when my manager told me, sobbing in the front of the store during the evening rush.

    I just finished rereading One Hundred Years of Solitude, the first book I ever read completely in Spanish.

    Rest in peace love.

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    chanel for the misses.
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    All through the night, she battled herself. Or battled to know herself. She fell apart and then put herself back together and then she fell apart again and put herself back together, over and over.

    - Nnedi Okorafor, Akaka Witch

    my bank account looks like i have a sugar daddy. regular pay, plus the raise i got late due to hectic paperwork (i’m def not tripping over that) that added up maaaaad back pay. i’m here for it.

    I can stand the dark but I need light so that I can see where I need to go.

    - Nnedi Okorafor

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